Heal your relationship

L.O.V.E formula - Heal your relationship overnight!

Discover 4 ingredients that will help you remove all toxicity and resentment from your relationship and create a connection you've always dreamed about!

Are you sick and tired of constant fights with your partner?
Do you feel like you and your partner have lost connection?
Do you keep struggling with the same problems regardless who you are with?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above I have solution for you.

✔️ Stop fights before they even happen

✔️ Express your needs and desired in a way that is heard

✔️ Learn how to manage your emotions in a constructive way

✔️ Rediscover deep connection with your partner 

On 05.12 at 12PM UTC+2 Live on Zoom…

I’ll be working with a small group of women, showing them how to stop the fighting and anger in their relationship, so they can reconnect with their partner without feeling shame or resentment.

We’ll be using my L.O.V.E formula which will allow you to stop fights before they start, remove any toxic habits you or your partner have, and return to the excitement and joy you had when you first started dating.

All without thousands of dollars and hours of long couples therapy, digging into your childhood, or saying ‘yes’ to things you don’t want in your relationship…. regardless of whether your partner is willing to participate or not!

Here are 4 things that we’ll do together: 

L – LET GO of old behavioral patterns, like blame and judgment, so you can end any fight immediately or even before it starts

O – OPEN UP to painful emotions and manage them so they don’t fester

V – VALUE what’s important to you and how to communicate that to your partner, so you can stop compromising on everything and becoming a ‘doormat.’

E – ENGAGE in actions that let you love yourself AND your partner without stress or anger towards each other… Every. Single. Day. 

These skills will let you remove all guilt and resentment from your relationship, so you can express your needs and desires, be heard and understood, and hear and understand your partner even better than before.

You’ll see an improvement in the quality of your relationship immediately after you start using these techniques. 

In my experience, what stops women from having relationships they want is putting themselves ‘lower’ than their partner, and so not expressing what’s really important to them… and keeping quiet instead… 

OR they try to ‘change’ their partner, which causes more resentment when the partner doesn’t change…

Both situations lead to anger, fights, and eventual breakups. BUT…

When women express WHAT is important to them, everything (and everybody!) follows after! You don’t need to change your partner. It’s enough when you change how you behave. And it happens faster than you’d ever think it could.

Here’s an example:

A woman came to me last year, not sure whether or not to continue her relationship. 

She was angry, insecure and scared for the future. She said she had no power at all and just waited for her partner to decide everything. She was convinced they “just didn’t fit together” and he would ultimately disappoint her. 

After following the L.O.V.E. formula, she realized that the differences between her and her partner weren’t weaknesses but strengths –  things to talk about and cherish rather than fight about. 

She stopped waiting for her partner to make all the decisions and started making helpful, empowered choices for herself AND the relationship. 

And guess what? The second she started leading, her partner followed! The fights stopped, the love and affection increased, and it became easier for them to open up and express their needs and desires together.  

It’s really unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Now I’m sure you have some questions, so I’ll try to answer them here:

I think my partner is the main problem in our relationship. Who should participate: me or him?

The L.O.V.E. formula doesn’t need both partners to participate. After the workshop you’ll be able to guide the relationship towards health for both of you. 

Even if one of the partners is a ‘bigger problem’ than the other: a relationship is a system.. and when one part changes, everything changes.

However, if your partner IS willing, he can take part too!

How will we work together during the Workshop?

We will have both theoretical and practical parts. I’ll introduce a part of the L.O.V.E. formula, then you will apply it to your own relationship.

During the application, you’ll reflect on specific questions about your relationship. Then we will discuss your and others’ answers together. This group discussion format gives deep insights for everyone, sometimes faster than private sessions.

When and Where?

We’re meeting on  05.12 at 12PM UTC+2, on Zoom. The workshop will go for about 4 hours, with scheduled breaks.

Will there be a recording?

Yes. Participants will receive a recording after the workshop. If you have questions about the material covered, you can contact me for 7 days after the workshop.

What’s the investment?

If you’ve been struggling with toxic relationships for years (or decades!) the price for not fixing it has already been very costly for you, and it may continue to be costly emotionally and on your time, and life. 

That said, the investment is just 150 Euros. That includes the recording, resources, and 7 days access to me after the workshop.

And here’s my promise to you:

If after this workshop you feel you don’t have a clear roadmap to guide your relationship in the right direction, I’ll happily return 100% of your investment, no questions asked.

What should I do now?

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