Verdi Therapy

Private online psychotherapy

Do you feel that your life is heading in the wrong direction? Are you tired of struggling and being constantly dissatisfied with the quality of your relationships? I can help you regain control over your life and follow your values, both in a relationship with yourself and with others.

A dialog that changes.

Welcome to my website. My name is Kaja Krajniak and I’m an ACT therapist, psychologist and sexologist. I offer psychotherapy in online settings.

Everyone of us is struggling with something. Everyone has some problems that remain unsolved, sometimes forever. Nevertheless, we can learn to live our lifes fully, in a harmony with what is important to us. I can help you with that.


Signing up for therapy can be a difficult decision. And a scary one. To help you make up your mind, I’m putting here a short description of the types of therapy that I offer and whom it fits best. You can also read some more about what can you expect on the first meeting, and how to prepare to it.

Individual therapy

One-on-one meeting with a psychotherapist. The therapy is carried out in the integrative approach, with an emphasis on third wave therapies and ACT.

Sex therapy

It focuses on the therapy of sexual dysfunctions and difficulties. One person or a couple can take part in the sessions.

Couples therapy

The purpose of couples' therapy is to improve communication between the partners and working on creating a satisfying relationship for everyone involved.