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Become your own therapist!

I will work with you for 12 weeks. After the end of the program:

– you will have complete set of tools to manage yourr thoughts, emotions and behaviors
– you will have better understand what you want from your life and how to get it
– you will gain freedom to make decisions based on your values – not fears!
– you will never need another therapy, as you will become you own therapist!

    Imagine your life is a garden.
There are two kinds of plants in it: flowers – postivie emotions, successes, good relationships and weed – difficult emotions, harmful behaviors and failures. Now imagine that you are focused on weeds. You keep trying to get rid of them, but they keep coming back! For years you’ve been trying to eliminate them ineffectively, and meanwhile all your flowers died out, unattended.

   Now imagine you did something different. You took care of the flowers instead. After some time there were so many flowers everywhere that there was no more place for weed! Sure, sometimes they reappear here and there, but that had no influence on your garden.

    So, what do you want your life to stand for? Getting rid of what’s unwelcome or creating something beautiful and meaningful?
   That is what my program is about, learning how to create a valuable life, you want to live in.

12 weeks program

This 1:1 program will completely transform your relationship with yourself and others. Say goodbye to anxiety, low self-worth, low confidence and hello to your most powerful, happy self.

My proven 6-step process will help you deal with harmful thoughts, feelings and behaviours for good.

Breakdown of my program:

Week 1 – Understanding how your issues are affecting your life and what you want to achieve from the program. Clarity over your values, which are more like life goals that you never achieve. Your values become the foundation to guide your life.

Week 2 – Learning to observe your thoughts and see them as neutral. This insight will help you feel more free and give you a deep confidence.

Week 3 – Mindfulness as a resource. Learn how to contact the present moment to create a sense of calm and control. This deep awareness will help you have better communication with yourself and others.

Week 4 –  Acceptance. Learn how to normalise negative thoughts and stop fighting with your internal experiences. This will help you feel at peace and free your mental space to focus on what serves you. 

Week 5 – Become more compassionate and understanding. Learn how to show love compassion not only to others but to yourself as well.

Week 6 – Committed action. Moving your feet and your hands into your new life. Choosing these critical action steps is what makes the difference between thinking about changing and actually changing.

Weeks 7 to 12 – Round 2! We go through all the steps again to master the process and embed the changes so you can step up and become the CEO of your life.

The program includes:

  • 12 x 1 hour 1:1 Therapy sessions, conducted online via Zoom
  • Weekly custom homework tasks to get the most out of our work together
  • Program workbook to explain the key concepts and methods


997 or 3 monthly payments of 350